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2022 Adult Summer Evening Program

Welcome to our 2022 Summer Day Program webpage. Every year we offer an evening summer program for I/DD Adults.

This year our program is on Wednesday evenings starting June 15th through August 31st 2022. We serve I/DD Adults from 18 years old and up. We are planning a great calendar of fun and safe summer activities to enjoy.

To sign up, click here for our easy directions in our (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions below.

Pick up will start between 3:45pm and 4:30pm dependent on the number and locations of attendees. Return drop off will be between 8:45pm and 9:30pm. Transportation will be provided, however at this time we do not have a wheelchair van.

Areas we typically serve include: Southwest Metro (Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Meridian), as well as Aurora, Cherry Creek and most of Denver. Please email us your cross streets if you are unsure if you are in our service area.

Activities we are planning include: concerts, cook outs, bowling, arcades, a baseball game, and much more!

This is a great opportunity for folks to get out and enjoy these long warm summer nights with peers. You can choose a single Wednesday night out or all 12 of the Wednesday nights, we suggest signing up for all you can as a way of making new friends.

We accept SLS/DD waver SCC/MB2 units. Guardians, clients, and CCBs will need to ensure the needed units and mileage band 2 are included in the client's annual service plan. If a revision is needed, please notify your case managers a couple of months in advance of your decision to participate, so there is time to get it done before the start date.

We will not be accepting any funds from the Denver Mill Levy at this time.

Private Pay is available at the discounted rate of $90 per evening outing. 50% for each outing is due at program sign up with the remaining 50% due at time of daily outing. Refund/program-credit available with minimum 24 hour notice. See our: (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions below for more details on Private Pay options.

NOTE: Please note that our day program is absolutely 100% non-smoking and 100% non-vaping. We have clients and personnel whom are allergic. If a participant is unable to refrain from using, then we will return them home and cancel future reservations. Thank you for your understanding.

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FAQ - Adult Summer Evening Program

How do we sign up?

Email us at with your contact information, and name of participant, and which days you want to sign up for. We will send you the paperwork to fill out and if you choose to pay through the waiver, we will also need the case managers name and CCB. We do advise you to contact your case manager to start the revision ASAP. If you choose private pay we will accept checks or money orders by mail for the deposit and will be able to accept cash or debit/credit card for the rest, on the day of.

How does refund/credit work?

For example, John signs up for 5 outings so $225 will be due the day he signs up and $45 will be collected each time he is picked up. Then John becomes ill before his 4th night out and calls ahead to let ACA know he won’t be going. A $45 credit would be applied and he will not need to pay anything for his 5th outing as he will have a credit to cover it. However, if he had not called in and we arrive to pick him up and he cannot come, that $45 deposit will be kept and not applied to the 5th outing. If this were to have happened on John’s last outing and he called ahead, the $45 will be refunded in full.

What if something happens and Provider has to cancel an outing?

You may put the credit towards another outing or if you are not planning to go to another outing or another outing is not available, you will be refunded your $45 deposit.

Why is private pay this price?

This price includes transportation/gas, experienced supervision, activity fees and good times. It is about $20 less than ACA would receive through the waivers, so is certifiably a bargain.

How Long has Active Community Access LLC been in business?
What services does it provide?

ACA started in 2013 and has provided a client centered day program from day one. The ACA Day program is 100% community based.

ACA also provides mentorship that not only handles paperwork like re-certifications and hands on assistance such as transportation training but has also; helped find resources, set up trust funds, arranged trips, enrollment into college, find new dentists, doctors and job coaches when needed and more.

What is needed from us besides signing up?

Once you sign up you will be sent several sheets of papers to sign. Most will likely look familiar like “Your Rights” and a medical questionnaire so we know if a participant is diabetic, or epileptic and what medications they are on if there is an incident requiring medical services. There will also be one called “participant agreement” that states what is expected of the participants. These need to be signed and returned before the first outing.